Back to School With Clear Aligners

With school starting, there’s probably plenty on your mind. New clothes, new supplies, new friends, and new schools make for an exciting and hectic time for any family. One thing that shouldn’t be forgotten with all the hubbub is how to care for your children’s teeth with clear aligners when going back to school.

Don’t worry, though, because you won’t be alone! Our team at Smiles of Palmetto Bay is here to support parents and kids to create the healthiest and most beautiful smiles amidst all the hectic schedules and life transitions. It’s almost always wise to start working on your child’s teeth adjustment while they are young since it is so much easier to work with kids while their bones are still growing. 

Don’t put it off any longer! Connect with Smiles of Palmetto Bay today to get your child started on their new orthodontic treatment along with the start of school.

What Are Clear Aligners, Exactly?

Invisalign aligners are a really noninvasive way of shifting teeth to create an aligned smile. They work by using a series of clear plastic retainers, or aligners, that, over time, will shift your child’s teeth into the healthiest possible positions. They have been around for nearly 20 years now but are still considered the top-of-the-line treatment for most people because of how convenient they are. 

If you think your child would do well with aligners rather than braces, then keep reading to learn more about how Invisalign works and our best tips for successful treatment. 

How Does Invisalign Treatment Work?

Invisalign works through the careful progression of retainers that, when worn as advised, will shift teeth into a new alignment. Each week or two, according to Dr. Ross’s recommendation, your child will wear a new retainer that will encourage more shifting until they are perfectly aligned. The retainers are designed through digital scans to predict each step and ensure accuracy. This will keep your child’s teeth safe throughout the process.

Smiles of Palmetto Bay is here to tell you how to care for your children’s teeth with clear aligners when heading back to school.

Tips for a Great Treatment!

Here are the suggestions that Dr. Ross gives to all of his patients–no matter their age!–for them to have an efficient and super successful treatment with Invisalign!

Wear as Instructed

Following the Doctor’s instructions is step number one for a great treatment. Typically, Dr. Ross recommends that all of his patients wear their retainers for at least 22 hours a day. This means all the time except when eating, drinking, or brushing. It might sound like a lot at first, but it won’t take long for you or your teen to get used to having the retainer in. 

Keep Them Clean

A clean retainer equals a cleaner mouth and teeth! We recommend that all of our patients brush their retainer once daily to remove the base layer of saliva, food particles, and bacteria that naturally grow in your mouth. Step away from the toothpaste and instead use hand soap to scrub out your retainers, inside and out. Once you rinse it thoroughly, you should be ready to pop it back in and continue wearing it.

If you notice that your retainer is starting to look stained, dingy, or layered with buildup, then ask us to recommend a retainer soak. Many of them can be found at your local pharmacy and make it easy to soak away the grime!

Floss and Brush Daily

Keeping up with your regular oral hygiene is a really important part of your treatment process. Brushing your teeth thoroughly twice every day, as well as flossing, will help maintain your oral health and support your treatment. One of the best parts of using Invisalign is that they are removable so it is easy to floss and brush without the added challenge of navigating orthodontic appliances in your mouth!!

Don’t Lose Them!

This can be a hard one for kiddos, teens, and even adults! Losing your retainers can set you back on your schedule and even cause regression if you don’t have extra retainers to keep your teeth in place. It most often happens when you are out and about, eating and drinking, and need to remove your aligners. Never risk wrapping them in napkins because they often get accidentally thrown in the trash. Instead, keep extra cases with you to put the retainers in for safekeeping every time you or your child takes them out!

Know When to Remove Them

There’s a right time to keep your retainers in, but there’s also a right time to remove them. It’s never a good idea to try to chew anything with your retainers in because this can warp or break the plastic. Eating and drinking with your retainers in can cause permanent staining. Generally, take your retainers out when anything else is going into your mouth and put them back in when you’re done. It’s as simple as that!

Go to All Your Appointments

Last, but not least, make sure to keep up with your appointments at our office to ensure that things are on track and your treatment is happening as efficiently as possible. Dr. Ross will always be available for a quick call or update if you need support, but it’s at your appointment that he will be able to verify things and give you your next set of retainers! 

Smiles of Palmetto Bay is here to tell you how to care for your children’s teeth with clear aligners when heading back to school.

Trust Smiles of Palmetto Bay With Your Smile!

Do you feel prepared to consider Invisalign for yourself or your child? If not, give our office a call and set up a free consultation appointment! It’s the best way to learn all the details about your treatment and get all your questions answered at no cost to you! We can’t wait to see you in our Palmetto Bay office sometime soon!